Monday, July 14, 2014

My friend David asks too many questions

My friend David asks too many questions. 

Why is this a problem you may ask? He asks so many questions he often gets in trouble. Well not the kind of direct trouble like a parent yelling at their children. 

Rather he makes the kind of trouble that makes life difficult for everyone. Like the other day, he asked a series of what seemed like innocent questions about a new laptop. He didn't suffer at all from this, but I got like 8 million gazillion emails from nosy people on it. 

 So if you see this guy, please don't answer his questions.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Huge Garage Sale in Folsom!

Huge sale starts Saturday at 7am at 491 SLOCUM DRIVE in FOLSOM. You'll find an elliptical machine, adult mountain bikes, clothes, electronics, Blu-Ray and DVD movies, books, games, and more. Can't miss this 1-day sale! Hurry to 491 SLOCUM DRIVE in FOLSOM on Saturday at 7am.

Please come and buy a lot. If I have a big turnout, I might even forget that I accidentally deleted all of my Blogger posts.

You can find listings to other garage sales at:

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